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Nathalie Panzeri

Mother & Montessori Teacher

My 7 year old daughter Luisa has been doing ballet with Therese (Regal Ballet) for almost four years now and each year she is becoming more and more passionate about it. I believe a big factor has to do with the wonderful manner in which Therese teaches the children technical and sometimes difficult ballet exercises whilst taking them on an enchanting, fun and engaging journey, capturing their imagination throughout the lesson. Luisa recently completed her RAD pre-primary exam and we were delighted with her result. Luisa has been enjoying the ballet lessons so much now that she has taken up ballet twice a week and always comes out beaming at the end of her lessons. Following in her footsteps, is Luisa’s 3 year old brother. It is fascinating to see the progression the children make and how Therese manages to hold a group of 3 year olds’ undivided attention throughout the entire lesson. Over the last four years, I can see how ballet has improved my children’s confidence, coordination, concentration and further developed their imagination. Therese (and her colleagues) are all patient, nurturing, caring, fun and inspiring – it is no wonder the children love their ballet lessons so much and keep wanting to learn more!

Therese has been teaching our older daughter since she was 4 years old and has been fantastic. Therese’s ballet classes have turned her into a gracious dancer and developed her passion for dancing. She is almost 8 now and we hope that the ballet foundation skills given by Therese and her enthusiasm for dancing will keep growing.

Katya Gurova



Pascale Senat



Ballet is a passion that has been passed down through generations in my family. 

Eva, my two year old, started ballet in September 2012 at Regal Ballet, and it has been a real pleasure watching my toddler learn and grow thanks to the baby classes offered. So much so, that both myself and Eva's grandmother (my 65 year old mother) have both joined ballet classes too. Therese, our teacher understands perfectly that we all have different objectives when joining a dance class. For Eva, it's about learning something new and interacting with other children and her teacher. For us adults, it's about exercising in a pleasurable way with someone who clearly has a passion and a drive for what she does. We are so thankful to have met Therese and to be part of Regal Ballet.


Ella loves ballet...so much more than the one she used to go to!! Amy is lovely and has fun with the children whilst they learn. She is so understanding of their needs and personalities at that age. We are very pleased.





Monica Hottenrot


Miss Therese has taught three of my daughters ballet at various levels. It was clear from the beginning that Miss Therese has a passion for teaching and an incredible depth of knowledge of technique, experience, and enthusiasm about ballet. I often wondered if my daughters might all want to dance professionally one day too, like their teacher! The children were always incredibly well prepared for the exams and taking the exams was never an issue. They felt extremely confident and loved every lesson with Therese! I have and will continue to recommend Therese to all families! I haven't met a better ballet teacher in London!


We have tried many local providers of childrens' ballet classes but Regal Ballet is really in a league of its own. Creative, engaging classes, taught to beautiful music by professional practitioners are just some reasons why we keep coming back to Regal Ballet every term. The teachers were wonderfully patient in settling my daughter in when she joined, providing encouragement and building her confidence and my daughter simply loves her ballet classes now! I feel that Regal ballet can prepare the willing students for further and deeper ballet study if they choose to progress to it in the future, without taking away the magic of what ballet can be just as a hobby. Highly recommended!

Julia Varesko








Mrs Carlotta TM O’Sullivan

Principal of Sinclair House School


Sinclair House Preparatory School have run Regal Ballet Lessons for our children for many years. It has been extremely smooth and straightforward working with Regal Ballet and we have always enjoyed the strong personal relationship we have built with Therese over the years. Administration/finance for the lessons is fully taken care of by Regal Ballet removing this onus on our own Administrative team and further compounding our enthusiasm to continue working with the Company. The ballet lessons are delivered by the same, well qualified teacher each week, and if absent for any reason, suitable cover is provided with the necessary DBS checks complete. Delivering professional Ballet lessons within the school allows us to strengthen our after school clubs offering, and is extremely well received by parents who are keen to free up their weekend commitments for children who would otherwise need to undertake Ballet lessons during the weekend. As we expand, and our children develop, we are excited for our children to start working towards their Royal Academy of Dance examinations and this again allows the students to take on new challenges and aspire to excellence. Ballet has many benefits not just as an active 'sport'; through dance, children develop a love and understanding of music and rhythm. Ballet improves coordination, tone, posture, alignment and muscle development and enables children to become aware of how they carry and comport themselves. Regal Ballet lessons enable children to forge new friendships across different ages, overcome shyness or awkwardness in social situations and reduce the fears associated with being in a group and performing in front of an audience. The lessons can boost concentration, self esteem and self assurance and allow children to learn to focus their mind. These gifts can be carried over into other parts of the children's lives and academic career.


My daughter did not want to go to school around the end of the last year saying she couldn't understand English very much. But she only loved to have the ballet lesson. But now she is getting a confidence because it is easier to understand English during the ballet lesson as she can see the teacher's motions. She also loves to copy the teacher's way of talking! It helps to improve her English. She was shy at first. But now she can speak to the teacher in the small and comfortable group. What a big difference! I really want to say thank you.









Nathalie Clyne-Wilson

Principal St Christina's


TO WHOM it MAY CONCERN I am delighted to have the opportunity to complete this testimonial for Ms THERESE SHWEPPE. As Head Teacher of Saint Christina's School, London NW8 from 2002 until 2014, I was fortunate to be able to offer Ballet Classes for all pupils aged 3 - 11 years, led by Ms Schweppe Ms Schweppe, Director of Regal Ballet, was always professional, reliable, punctual and efficient in all her dealings with the School, her pupils and their parents. Children of all ages greatly enjoyed their lessons and were prepared for ballet examinations according to their age and ability. They made good progress and gained confidence and poise. Ms. Schweppe set high standards for herself, her staff and her pupils . The pupils responded well to Ms Schweppe and her teachers, always maintaining their concentration throughout the lessons. Ms Schweppe always made parents feel welcome and was happy for them to observe her teach. From time to time the ballet pupils, under the direction of Ms Schweppe, put on small presentations to showcase their progress for parents and for the rest of the School to enjoy . I strongly recommend Ms Schweppe and Regal Ballet for your consideration and wish Ms Schweppe and Regal Ballet continued success.


Regal Ballet has used our School Halls for many years, and our pupils and parents are keen to book places. Dance is an excellent activity for growing children, helping them to work as a group and experience something that we cannot offer in the School curriculum. We have children across our age range, from 3 to 11, taking part. Having ballet on offer as an extra-curricular activity is also good for the School community, and Inspectors like to see a wide range of activities on offer! We have recently added a new Hall to our facilities, and such is the interest in dance that we included a ballet barre and mirror - both of great interest to all the children! In my experience, Regal offers a simple booking service for parents; lessons are fitted to the School day.

David R Phillips

St Christina's School





Royal Academy of Dance

Therese Schweppe registered teacher with RAD


Wimbledon St Marks

St Marks Church, St Marks Place, Wimbledon, London,

St. Christina's School

25 St. Edmund &s Terrace, St. Johns Wood, London. NW8 7PY

Clissold House

Clissold Park Mansions, Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 9HJ

North Bridge House School

33 Fitzjohns Ave.Hampstead, London. NW3 5JY

St Mary's Islington

The Neighbourhood Centre Upper Street, Angel Islington, N1 2TX

Sinclair House School

59 Fulham High Street SW63JJ Sinclair House Prep School.

Church of Our Lady

54 Lodge Rd. St Johns Wood, London.

Johns Wood Pre-Prep School

Lords Roundabout, St. Johns Wood, London.NW8 7NE

St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 9ES

Channing Junior School

1 Highgate High Street London,
N6 5JR

South Hampstead Junior School

5 Netherhall Gardens
London, NW3 5RN.

Sandhurst Junior School

Minard Road
London, SE16 1NW.

Notting Hill Preparatory School

95 Lancaster Road
London, W11 1QQ.

Herne Hill School

The Old Vicarage, 127 Herne Hill
London, SE24 9LY.

Rushey Green Primary School

London, SE6 2LA.

Christ Church C of E School Spitalfields

47a Brick Lane, Spitalfields
London, E1 6PU.

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