Q: If my child misses a class in the term can we do a make up lesson at another venue?

A: Yes please do! You are very welcome to do this. Please call or email to book your make up lesson, As we have restrictions on numbers per class to ensure proper tuition.

Q: I have a baby, can I bring the baby to wait while my other child dances?

A: Yes, we do ask to be courteous to other parents and the class, so if your baby cries we kindly ask you to take her or him out of the room until they calm down.

Q: Can parents stay and watch ?

A: Yes! You are welcome to stay and watch the class.

Q: What is the uniform if I decide to join? And where can I get it?

A: Uniform for Girls from 18months to Pre Primary is

  • Pink Chloe Leotard
  • Pink Chiffon wrap skirt
  • Pink Xover top
  • Ballet tights
  • Ballet shoes

This is all Freed of London and exam approved by the RAD. You can purchase this through our online shop


  • White Tee Shirt
  • Navy Shorts
  • Black ballet shoes
  • White ankle socks

Again you can get this through our shop

Q: What does my child need to wear for the free trial lesson?

A: For your free trial lesson, If your child can please wear something comfortable eg leggings and a T-shirt that would be great. A skirt or dress over the top is good too, as we ask the girls to hold their skirts when dancing. The ballet uniform is pink so your little girl may like to be in the same colour as the other children if you have it. Bare feet or socks are fine.

For boys shorts and a tee shirt would be brilliant.