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Regal Ballet’s unique and creative approach has proved to be a huge success. With our team of world class professional ballerinas and qualified teachers, our classes are taught in a fun and positive environment to boost each child’s confidence and happiness. Children’s earliest memories of ballet should be happy memories.

At Regal Ballet we believe participating in our ballet classes can have a dynamic impact on children’s self esteem, education and future careers. We strive to boost each child’s mental and emotional growth through our ballet classes by encouraging creativity, discipline , confidence, leadership, dedication, and focus.

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Taught by world class professional ballerinas in a fun but structured environment

Rad Classes

Primary: Age 5 1/2 - 6 1/2 yr Grade 1: Age 7 - 8 yrGrade 4: Age 10 - 11 yr Grade 2: Age 8 - 9 yrGrade 5: Age 11 - 13 yr Grade 3: Age 9 - 10 yrGrade 6: Age 13 - 15 yr Grade 7: Age 14 - 17 yr

The Venues

Children from 18 months to 16 years in a variety of venues across London.


<p>Miss Therese has taught three of my daughters ballet at various levels. It was clear from the beginning that Miss Therese has a passion for teaching and an incredible depth of knowledge of technique, experience, and enthusiasm about ballet.</p> <p>I often wondered if my daughters might all want to dance professionally one day too, like their teacher! The children were always incredibly well prepared for the exams and taking the exams was never an issue.</p> <p>They felt extremely confident and loved every lesson with Therese! I have and will continue to recommend Therese to all families! I haven't met a better ballet teacher in London!</p>

Monica Hottenrot

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London's Premier Ballet School for Children offering ballet lessons to children from 18 months to 14 years in a wide variety of locations and times across London